Industrial filters

The filtration efficiency plays an important role during the production process of construction material. Procedure of filtration is a key meaning from the standpoint of extremely larger utilization rate of the process as like of point of view of protecting environment. Company offers a wide range of needle felts filter media for efficiency filtration in cement and other construction materials.
To satisfy the demand of these various and demanding filtration needs, we can make from different fibre types and with different surface treatment the best choise of the most suitable filter medium for any particular application or operation condition you may request. By listening to customer, the company is able to develop innovative and efficient products and services that ensure consistently high qualities which are specific to clients requirements. Superior product quality expert problem-solving engineering and experienced and capability personnel are make the best for your filtration needs.

Because every filter sistem is inginired for a specific end user every time, it's very important to difine process parameters first and then we select the most suitable matirial:
  • Temperature in the sistem
  • Quntity of dust particles in the air
  • Size of the paricles
  • Air flow
  • Abrasion of the paricles
  • Mechanical factors (cleaning sistem, sistem of the bag instalation)