Technical plastic

SIPAS PE base material, polyethylene highmolecular
Main purpose: o create the elements exposed to impact stress at low temperatures as well as elements of special wear resistant
Density of 0.94 g/cm³ modulus of elasticity 500 N/mm², static load up to 3 N/mm².

It is used for bearings exposed to the elements of friction slip lining grooves, etc. Extremely resistant to abrasion from sharp objects (coke, crushed stone). Meets at high speed and low pressure. It has good resistance to chemicals and good impact toughness at low temperatures.

SIPAS PP base material, polypropylene
Main purpose: different parts of the chemical and process industry to a high frequency technique
Density of 0.9 g/cm³, modulus of elasticity 1200 N/mm².

Due to excellent resistance to chemicals is widely used in chemical industry for elements subjected to lower stresses. It has the ability to welding.

SIPAS 60 - Basic material, polyamide 6
Main purpose: Gears
GDensity of 1.13 g/cm³, modulus of elasticity 1600 N/mm², permanent static load up to 12 N/mm².

SIPAS 60 is a material with excellent resistance to impact loads, abrasion and izlizivanje. It is used for making gears, kotrljańća, coupling elements for eccentricity, sealing rings, screw elements, sliding elements and other elements subject to impact stress.

Teflon-PTFE (politetrafloroetilen), known as Teflon
The low coefficient of friction, very high melting point, opaque. It is used as a foil for sealing water and gas pipes, as a surface layer pans and other containers that are not nice.
Technical plastic
Technical plastic